Huron Bruce's Extinguishing of Lights Ceremony

Huron Bruce's Extinguishing of Lights Ceremony

December 13, 2018

To R. W. Bro. Ronel R. Manabat and the Brethren of Toronto Don Valley,

On behalf of the brethren of Huron Bruce Lodge No. 611 we wish to advise Toronto Don Valley District
that an Extinguishing of Light ceremony will be conducted at 7:30 pm on Thursday December 13, 2018,
York Temple, 1100 Millwood Rd, Toronto, Ontario.

A banquet will follow the ceremony at a cost of $30.00 per attendee with a receipt of acknowledgement
provided and will consist of informal presentations extended by associated Masonic brethren.

In respect and courtesy to all visitors to Huron Bruce Lodge for this evening, attendance to the banquet
will be by personal acknowledgement. It is most important to acknowledge attendance and payment by
all brethren wishing to attend the banquet for this evening.

Confirmation of attendance for the banquet can be arranged by contacting W. Bro. Bob Telford at
[email protected] or by phone at 905-868-0863. E-transfers for payment can be made to this
email address. A password will be provided to facilitate an E-transfer with your acknowledgement.
Additionally, brethren can also confirm through R.W. Bro. Fred Bryant at [email protected] or by
phone at 416-421-6762.

Lastly, brethren wishing to present at the banquet, please contact W. Bro. Bob Telford.

W. Bro. Bob Telford
Huron Bruce Lodge No. 611

York Masonic Temple
1100 Millwood Rd
East York, ON M4H 1A3
(416) 425-0174

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