History of our lodge:

Zetland Wilson Lodge No. 86, Established A.D. 2007, A.L. 6007

Prior to amalgamation:

Zetland Wilson Lodge No. 86

Established in 2007 150th Anniversary Celebration Invitation –Cornerstone Lodge 2018 – 2020

Harmony Lodge No. 438

Harmony Lodge No. 438, warranted in 1896

The Occident Lodge No. 346

The Occident Lodge No. 346, warranted in 1876

Wilson Lodge No. 86

Wilson Lodge No. 86, warranted in 1857. To write more than a brief and inadequate sketch of the origin and history of Wilson Lodge No. 86, G.R.C., in a few pages is,of course, quite impossible. All that can be done is to bring to the attention of the brethren some of the more outstanding happenings during …

Zetland Lodge No. 326

Zetland Lodge No. 326, warranted in 1875