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Masters of Zetland Lodge 1875-1900

1875 R.W. Bro J. G. Burns
1876 W. Bro R.J. Hovenden
1877 W. Bro J.B. Nixon
1878 W. Bro J.W. O’Hara
1879 W. Bro H.M. Graham
1880 W. Bro J.S. MacDonald
1881 W. Bro E.T. Malone
1882 W. Bro. P.B. Ball
1883 W. Bro William MacDonald
1884 W. Bro John B. Hay
1885 W. Bro P.G. Routh
1886 W. Bro Samuel Davidson
1887 W. Bro John Fletcher
1888 W. Bro C.A.B. Brown
1889 W. Bro H.A. Taylor
1890 W. Bro Hugh J. Craig
1891 W. Bro C.J. Hohl
1892 W. Bro George M. Furnival
1893 W. Bro Harry W.L. Vigeon
1894 W. Bro George Kappele
1895 W. Bro W.J.L. Anderson
1896 W. Bro W.D. McPherson
1897 W. Bro John H. Macabe
1898 W. Bro William Angus
1899 W. Bro Alexander Stewart
1900 W. Bro. R.A. Donald


W. BRO. J. G. BURNS, a Past Master of Stevenson Lodge No. 218, presided with nearly all the other Offices filled with Past Masters. W. Bro. J. B. Nixon as Senior Warden and R. W. Bro. Daniel Spry as Junior Warden. The first initiate was the late Senator Robert Jaffray, who took an active interest in Lodge affairs until his death, and among the affiliates was R. W. Bro. Sir John A. MacDonald, Prime Minister of Canada. Membership 65. R. W. Bro. Burns was later D.D.G.M. of Toronto District, and a member of the Board of General Purposes.

1876 W. BRO. R. J. HOVENDEN, Membership increased to 72. The Worshipful Master was elected Grand Senior Warden. During the year Bro. H. J. Taylor was initiated; Bro. John Ross Robertson affiliated and was subsequently elected Grand Master of Grand Lodge.

1877 W. BRO. J. B. NIXON, Membership 72. Among the initiates of the year was Bro. E. T. Malone. Sir Adam Wilson presented the Officers jewels, which are still in use. The first “At Home” was held. W. Bro. Nixon was elected D.D.G.M. The only event which marred the harmony of the year was the Nixon and Brown trial, arising out of the charge brought by the W. M. against C. W. Brown, a member of the Lodge, for un-masonic conduct; after the taking of evidence and reporting to the Lodge, Bro. Brown made a satisfactory explanation of his conduct and the charges were withdrawn.

1878 W. BRO. J. W. O HARA, Membership 77. A devoted supporter of Zetland Lodge. Treasurer for 16 years 1880-1895. Grand Assistant Secretary of Grand Lodge in 1892. Grand Registrar

1879 W. BRO. H. M. GRAHAM, Membership 85. Installing Master- V. W. BRO. J. B. Nixon. Zetland Lodge continued to prosper and advance.

1880 W. BRO. J. S. MacDONALD, Membership 91. Bro. MacDonald proved a painstaking and efficient Officer; he had the confidence of his brethren and had a most prosperous and busy year 14 candidates initiated.

1881 W. BRO. E. T. MALONE, Membership 83. Arrearages of dues seriously considered and corrective action taken. Many visits exchanged with sister Lodges. W. Bro. Malone was Grand Registrar of the Grand Lodge, D.D.G.M. of Toronto District, Grand Master for the years 1898-99, and Treasurer of Zetland for 39 consecutive years 1896-1934.

1882 W. BRO. P. B. BALL, Membership 78. Elected during his absence in England. In the meantime W. Bro. E. T. Malone presided. This was the first installation in which Bro. Malone took part. Visit of M. W. Bro. Daniel Spry, Grand Master, accompanied by R. W. Bro. J. B. Nixon, D.D.G.M.

1883 W. BRO. WILLIAM MacDONALD, Membership 85. Installing Master-W. Bro. J. K. Kerr, Past Grand Master.

1884 W. BRO. JOHN B. HAY, Membership 93. An able ruler and very impressive ritualist. Was appointed Grand Superintendent of the Works.

1885 W. BRO. P.G. ROUTH, Membership 93. Installed by R. W. Bro. E. T. Malone who installed all subsequent Masters up to and including the year 1933. Bro. Routh accepted the position of W.M. with much misgiving on account of his nervous disposition, but was loyally supported by the members and had one of the most prosperous years in the history of Zetland Lodge, with 10 initiations and 7
affiliations. New by-laws for the Lodge were prepared and the meeting night was changed from the 4th Friday to the 4th Monday.

1886 W. BRO. SAMUEL DAVIDSON, Membership 109. Officers exemplified work at Lodge of Instruction. Donation to the Lakeside Home for Sick Children. Appointed Grand Pursuivant.

1887 W. BRO. JOHN FLETCHER, Membership 119. An impressive and correct Ritualist. Frequent Masonic visits from other City Lodges. Donation to Newsboys Home. W. Bro. E. T. Malone elected D.D.G.M. and made his first official visit to his Mother Lodge. Death of the first Master, R.W. Bro. J. G. Burns.

1888 W. BRO. C. A. B. BROWN, Membership 126. Exemplified work at Lodge of Instruction. Appointed Grand Steward.

1889 W. BRO. H. A. TAYLOR, Membership 146. A very busy year 19 initiations and 5 affiliations. Bro .Taylor was a consistent and active member for 52 years and Director of Ceremonies of the Lodge for 31 years. Elected Grand Senior Warden.

1890 W. BRO. HUGH J. CRAIG, Membership 154. Zetland selected by City Lodges for reception to M. W. Bro. John Ross Robertson, G.M., on his return from England. The meeting night was changed back to the 4th Friday as it was found that such night was better suited for those members who were employed in mercantile pursuits.

1891 W. BRO. C. J. HOHL, Membership 164. Meetings well attended. Visitors came to be instructed and entertained. Death of the Premier of the Dominion. Rt. Hon. Sir John A. Macdonald, KCB. Lodge attended funeral at Kingston. Inauguration of Past Master s Night. W. Bro. J. W. O’Hara appointed Grand Assistant Secretary and invested by the Grand Master, M. W. Bro. John Ross Robertson. Bro. Hohl
appointed Grand Senior Deacon.

1892 W. BRO. GEORGE M. FURNIVAL, Membership 172. Visits from Detroit Lodge No. 2 and St. John Lodge No. 209-A, London. Return visit to Detroit Lodge, where friendships were again renewed. Donation to Hospital for Sick Children. M. W. Bro. J. Ross Robertson installed R. W. Bro. William H. Hurst, D.D.G.M.-Elect of 17th District. Bro. Hurst was afterwards Premier of Ontario. Visits of M.W. Bro. J.M. Gibson, Grand Master, and his election as honorary member. Subsequently M. W. Bro. Gibson was Lieutenant-Governor of the Province of Ontario.

1893 W. BRO. HARRY W. L. VIGEON, Membership 195. A member of Gresham Lodge, No. 869, England, who affiliated in 1886. Entertained Detroit Lodge No. 2 and St. John’s Lodge No. 209-A, London. Ivory gavel presented by Detroit Lodge. Visit of Civil Service Lodge, Ottawa, and Sir James Grant, K.C.M.G.

1894 W. BRO. GEORGE KAPPELE, Membership 231. A talented executive officer. exemplified work at Lodge of Instruction, Visit to Waverley Lodge, Guelph. Visits of St. Andrew’s King Solomon’s, Ionic and Stevenson Lodge at the February meeting, when Warring Kennedy, Mayor of Toronto, was initiated.

1895 W. BRO. W. J. L. ANDERSON, Membership 233. Very successful Past Master’s Reunion. Exchange of fraternal visits between the Lodge and City Lodges.

1896 W. BRO. W. D. McPHERSON, Membership 244. D.D.G.M. of Toronto District and Grand Master of Grand Lodge. Election of R. W. Bro. E. T. Malone as Treasurer of
the Lodge. 21st Anniversary of the Lodge celebrated. Visit of M. W. Bro. W. R. White and Grand Lodge Officers.

1897 W. BRO. JOHN H. MACABE, Membership 273. Appointed Grand Assistant Secretary. Presented with Testimonial on resigning the Secretaryship in 1922. Visited the Barton Lodge, Hamilton. Zetland last Lodge to meet in the Toronto Street Hall. Visit from M.W. Bro. William Gibson, G.M. Joined City Lodges in celebrating in Horticultural Gardens the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Victoria. Lodge Secretary, 1902-1922.

1898 W. BRO. WILLIAM ANGUS, Membership 275. Reception to M.W. Bro. E. T. Malone, Grand Master, and Grand Lodge Officers. Visit to the Lodge of Strict Observance, Hamilton. The first meeting of the Lodge in the Temple Building, Bay Street.

1899 W. BRO. ALEXANDER STEWART, Membership 303. Visit of M.W. Bro. W. A. Sutherland, Grand Master, Grand Lodge of New York. The Grand Master and all Past Grand Masters of Grand Lodge Canada then living, except M.W. Bro. Henry Robertson, of Collingwood, were in attendance. Return visit of the Lodge of Strict Observance, Hamilton.

1900 W. BRO. R. A. DONALD, Membership 325. Visited Prank R. Lawrence Lodge of Rochester, N.Y., and exemplified first Degree. Purse of gold presented Hospital for Sick Children ($2,000) to endow Zetland’s Cot. Dedication of Lodge Room by M.W. Bro. E. T. Malone, Grand Master, and Grand Lodge Officers. Canadian contingent engaged in Boer War, South Africa, under General Roberts.