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1951 W. BRO. BASIL J. GRIFFITHS, Membership 345. Installing Master W. Bro. Rowland V. Millar. No. of degrees – 37 including 14 initiations. McCrea Evening – Affiliation of W. Bro. T. Arthur McCrea and initiation of his sons, Bros. Arthur E. and John A. McCrea. Institution of name plate inserted in Volume of Sacred Law presented to each candidate. A skilled ritualist and a valued member of Zetland Lodge who has rendered invaluable service to his brethren and the Craft. Appointed a Grand Steward in 1972.

1952 W. BRO. WILLIAM G. ADDISON, Membership 344. Installing Master V.W. Bro. Noel M. Bassin. No. of degrees – 31 including 8 initiations. All Lodges mourn death of M.W. Bro. His Majesty King George VI. Initial visit of Batavia Lodge No. 475, Batavia, N.Y. Golden Jubilee 50th Anniversary of Canadian Night. A busy Masonic year ably conducted by an excellent Master.

1953 W. BRO W. MALCOM McINTYRE, Membership 347. Installing Master – V.W. Bro. Leighton S. Walker. No. of degrees – 23 including 7 initiations. Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II on June 2nd, 1953. Many Masonic Visits- First trip to Batavia Lodge. First Masonic Trial of Record held in Lodge – Brother found guilty and suspended. Canadian Night attended by 460 Masons including 75 Grand Lodge Officers. Speaker – Sir Arthur Beverly Baxter. V.W. Bro. McIntyre appointed Grand Superintendent of Works in 1955.

1954 W. BRO. F. W. DONALD CAMPBELL, Membership 352. Installing Master – W. Bro. Gordon D. Campbell, father of the W.M. No. of degrees – 28 including 8 initiations. Members Night encouraged. Lodge By-Laws completely revised, published and distributed to members. Death of Secretary, V.W. Bro. John C. Greig.

1955 W. BRO. HAROLD A JAMISON, Membership 325. Installing Master- R.W. Bro. Roy E. Baylis. No. of degrees – 26 including 9 initiations. 100th Anniversary of the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario. The John C. Greig Memorial Fund established by a residuary bequest from the Estate of the late Louise Greig. Bro. C. L. Sivers presented with 60 year pin to his Veterans Jubilee Medal having been initiated in Zetland Lodge September 27th, 1895. V.W. Bro. A. C. Ashforth honoured as a member of the Board of General Purposes.

1956 W. BRO HARVEY C. JACKSON, Membership 316. Installing Master – V.W. Bro. Leighton S. Walker. No. of degrees – 16 including 4 initiations. Report of Special Committee on disposition of proceeds of the John C. Greig Memorial Fund provides for purchase of regalia on Zetland’ s Centennial in 1975 and other material benefits to the Lodge. Charitable donations substantially increased. Institution of Zetland’ s Traveling Gavel first presented to The Barton Lodge to be circulated on the occasion of any subsequent fraternal visits. Successful Ladies Night held at the Granite Club attended by 160 members and guests. V.W. Bro. John M. Burden appointed Grand Junior Deacon. W. Bro. Jackson has been Secretary of the Lodge since

1957 W. BRO. STANLEY SHERGOLD, Membership 313. Installing Master – W. Bro. William G. Addison. No. of degrees 16 including 5 initiations. First Publication of Zetland News Bulletin. Another successful Masonic year ably conducted by a very popular Master.

1958 W. BRO. WILBUR T. ROSE, Membership 307. Installing Master – R.W. Bro. Roy E. Baylis. No. of degrees – 17 including 5 initiations. W.M. s son, Bro. Douglas W. Rose, initiated on Canadian Night. Presentation of 60 year pin to Bro. John A. Gunn, initiated December 9th, 1898. All meetings well attended. Enjoyable Lodge Picnic held at Lake Simcoe summer home of Bro. Lockhart Sutton.

1959 W. BRO HARLEY R. JOHNSTON, Membership 302. Installing Master – W. Bro. C. Wesley Treleaven. No. of degrees – 11 including 4 initiations. Grand Lodge 60 year pin presented to Bro. C. H. Westwood, initiated January 27, 1899. Barton Lodge presents a volume containing its history to Zetland Lodge. Several meetings devoted to Masonic Education held.

1960 W. BRO. HUGH L. HASTIE, Membership 298. Installing Master – V.W. Bro. Noel M. Bassin. No. of degrees – 14 including 4 initiations. Visit of Bro. Hon. J. Keiller Mackay, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, on Canadian Night. New Grand Lodge Memorial Building erected in Hamilton, Ontario. Redivision of Toronto Districts – Zetland now in Toronto District 5. A gifted and talented ritualist, elected Treasurer of the Lodge in . Subsequently appointed member of Grand Lodge Board of General Purposes. Most active in the work of the Masonic Foundation of Ontario.

1961 W. BRO. EDWARD HILL, Membership 293. Installing Master – W. Bro. William G. Addison. No. of degrees- 12 including 5 initiations. Death of R.W. Bro. The Marquess of Zetland, honorary member, and of M.W. Bro. James P. Maher, Past Grand Master. Celebration of Bro. R. T. Shiell s 100th Birthday. First Press Copy of Masonic Musical Ritual dated February 22nd 1918, presented to Zetland Lodge by the family of the composer, our late Bro. T. H. Litster

1962 W. BRO. GORDON I PURVIS, Membership 283. Installing Master – W. Bro. Maxwell C. Purvis, father of the W. M. No. of degrees- 13 including 3 initiations. Canadian Night attended by the Grand Master, M.W. Bro. Russell J. Treleaven, who invested V.W. Bro. H. Vernon Hearst as Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies. Successful Family Night at Zetland held in Lodge and banquet rooms attended by 225 members and guests. Father and Son Night held in which 7 combinations of fathers and sons took part in degree.

1963 W. BRO. J. STEWART HAMILTON, Membership 280. Installing Master- W. Bro. Basil J. Griffiths. No. of degrees – 8 including 4 initiations. Attendance of The Hon. W. Earl Rowe, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, at Canadian Night. Receipt of $5,000.00 bequest to Zetland Lodge under wills of the late W. Bro. Courtland H. Peaker and Mrs. Peaker designated for Christmas Charities. Donations substantially increased and now included Fred Victor Mission, Scott Mission, Hospital for Sick Children, home for Incurable Children and Canadian Save the Children Fund.

1964 W. BRO. BRUCE C. BURDEN, Membership 267. Installing Master- V.W. Bro. John M. Burden, father of the W.M. No. of degrees- 8 including 1 initiation. Lodge By- Laws amended to change meeting night to Third Monday Jan.-Nov. and First Monday in Dec. A good year featuring excellent degree work. Chairman of Zetland s present Centennial Committee.

1965 W. BRO. RICHARD J. H. STANBURY, Membership 260. Installing Master- W. Bro. Hugh L. Hastie. No. of degrees – 12 including 7 initiations. Bequest of $5,000.00 received from Estate of Bro. Frank Bethel. Donation of $1,000.00 made to Building Campaign of the Hospital for Sick Children. Appointed member of Senate of Canada in 1968.

1966 W. BRO. E. JOHN SNOW, Membership 253. Installing Master – W. Bro. J. Stewart Hamilton. No. of degrees – 9 including 4 initiations. Dawson Night at Zetland.- W. Bro. Isaac Dawson assisted by his son, Bro. R. George Dawson, conferred third degree on his grandson, Bro. Robert G. Dawson. Enjoyable Family Night held – attended by 180 members and guests.

1967 W. BRO. DONALD L. CAMPBELL, Membership 252. Installing Master – W. Bro. Gordon I. Purvis. No. of degrees – 16 including 7 initiations. Canada s 100th Birthday. Zetland s Centennial Committee’s recommendations adopted to sponsor a child through The Canadian Save the Children Fund for a period of ten years Canadian Night attended by representatives 0f Zetland Lodges from Montreal, Calgary and Shediac, N.B. Masters of evening at Zetland. Presentation to Lodge by the Vigeon family of an original framed letter received from R.W. Bro. Sir John A. Macdonald, dated December 22, 1890, together with other Masonic mementoes.

1968 W. BRO. DONALD C. HODGKINSON, Membership 245. Installing Master – W. Bro. Bruce C. Burden. No. of degrees- 7. Successful Past Masters and Old Timers night held at which V.W. Bro. Noel M. Bassin presented to the Lodge several masonic mementoes including small cubes of stone being surplus material collected when our present rough and perfect ashlars were made. Canadian Night attendance 225 masons with our Past Master, W. Bro. The Hon. Richard J. Stanbury, as speaker. A good year featuring a number of interesting meetings on masonic education.

1969 W. BRO. ROLAND DE CORNEILLE, Membership 246. Installing Master- W. Bro. Wilbur T. Rose. No. of degrees – 11 including 6 initiations. Outstanding Canadian Night with 227 masons in attendance, including the Grand Master, M.W. Bro. James N. Allan and Dr. Charles H. Best of the Canadian Diabetic Association. Monetary presentation made by Lodge to supplement association’s work. Well attended visit of Batavia Lodge. R.W. Bro. De Corneille appointed Grad Chaplain in 1973.

1970 W. BRO. DONALD C. HODGKINSON, Membership 229. Installing Master – W. Bro. Bruce C. Burden. No. of degrees- 6 including 1 initiation. W. Bro. Hodgkinson very kindly undertook to reassume the gavel when the Lodge was faced with a vacancy due to resignation. A successful Western Night and Masonic Education evenings highlighted the year. Canadian Night was attended and addressed by V.W. Bro. The Hon. W. Ross Mcdonald, Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario. Masonic visit of Lodge of Fidelity, No. 231 G.R.C., of Ottawa, including R.W. Bro. JK. Alfred Pell, D.D.G.M. for Ottawa District 1. Presentation to Zetland of a sterling silver engraved charity plate to commemorate the occasion. It was noted that Lodge of Fidelity last visited Zetland on May 26th, 1922, and at that time presented our second degree working tools which were fashioned in oak wood salvaged from Canada s Parliament Buildings destroyed by fire in 1919.

1971 W. BRO. JOHN H. ENGLERT, Membership 219. Installing Master – W. Bro. E. John Snow. No. of degrees – 7 including 2 initiations. A full Masonic year under the guidance of a popular Master. Visits from the Barton and Batavia Lodges including election of W. Bro. Willard R. Henry, secretary of Batavia Lodge, as an honorary member of Zetland in recognition of his efforts over the past 18 years in perpetuating the annual fraternal visits. Presentation to the Lodge by the Past Masters of a Tyler s sword. Report on Zetland’s traveling gravel now in possession of North Entrance Lodge No. 463 G.R.C., Haliburton, Ontario. Appointment of our member, R.W. Bro. A. C. Ashforth to the rank of Past Grand Senior Warden.

1972 W. BRO. HUGH ALLAN JOHNSTONE, Membership 212. Installing Master – V.W. Bro. Hugh L. Hastie. No. of degrees – 7 including 3 initiations. A year of progress, including the first meeting of Zetland’s Centennial Committee to plan a year of celebration in 1975. Lodge charitable donations increased. Presentation to our W. Bro. Albert M. Ogg of his 60 year Grand Lodge pin and his 50 year button as a Past Master. V.W. Bro. Basil J. Griffiths appointed a Grand Steward.

1973 W. BRO. WILLIAM S. BRASS, Membership 205. Installing Master – V.W. Bro. Basil J. Griffiths. No. of degrees – 5 including 1 initiation. An interesting masonic year in which the affairs of the Lodge were conducted by a very congenial Master. Visit from The Barton Lodge attended by the Grand Master, M.W. Bro. William K. Bailey, a former teacher of the Worshipful Master. Recognition by the Grand Master of the outstanding services of our Past Masters, R.W. Bro. A. C. Ashforth and V.W. Bro. Hugh L. Hastie, rendered to The Masonic Foundation of Ontario as President and Secretary-Treasurer respectively. Successful Ladies Night at Rosedale Golf Club. Completion of our commitment to The Canadian Save the Children Fund in the sponsorship of and financial assistance with the education of Christopher Sehlabo, a young man living in Lesotho.

1974 W. BRO. KENNETH W. HEANS, Membership 196. Installing Master- W. Bro. Gordon I Purvis. No. of degrees – 6. Approval received from the Grand Master for Zetland to wear gold braid and gold insignia of office on regalia, effective March 20th, 1975, commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Lodge. Zetland provided a degree team for the initial meeting of Andor Gero Lodge, and during the year took an active part in the formation of this new Lodge. Zetland’s Traveling Gavel now in possession of St. Paul Lodge No. 601, Sarnia. Visit to Batavia Lodge in November when our former secretary, V.W. Bro. Percy E. Wootton, was made an honorary member in recognition of his efforts in continuing these Masonic visits. Unfortunately in December, V.W. Bro. Wootton passed the Grand Lodge above. A busy masonic year under the supervision of a very able Master.

1975 W. BRO. JAMES McGIBBON, Membership 193. Installing Master- W. Bro. Gordon I. Purvis. Number of Degrees- 3 including 2 initiations. Canadian Night was attended and addressed by Rt. Hon. Roland Michener P.C., C.C., C. M. M. C. D., Q. C., former Governor-General of Canada. Jim and his wife Lillian hosted for numerous years at their Beaverton home over looking Lake Simcoe, our annual family picnic. Jim s Secretary moved during his term of office, he finished his term by doing his own Summons. Jim was well known for his deliverance of the Junior Warden’s Lecture, which he did on numerous occasions, once in ten minutes. He served as Worshipful Master for our 100lh Anniversary. The Barton Lodge No. 6 visited us, this visitation has been going on for numerous years. We thank his wife Lillian.

W. Bro. James McGibbon Worshipful Master
W. Bro. Kenneth W. Heans Immediate Past Master
Bro. J. Allen Paterson Senior Warden
W. Bro. E. John Snow Junior Warden
W. Bro. Gordon I. Purvis Chaplain
W. Bro. Clarence H. Tew Treasurer
W. Bro. Harvey C. Jackson Secretary
Bro. Glenn A. Henderson Assistant Secretary
Bro. Sydney R. Whiteley Senior Deacon
Bro. Harold E. Grover Junior Deacon
W. Bro. William S. Brass Director of Ceremonies
Bro. G. Richard Morgan Inner Guard
Bro. Ernest Heniss Senior Steward
Bro. Werner O. Salge Junior Steward
Bro. Alan E. Miller Organist
Bro. Albert Lewers Tyler