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Masters of Zetland Lodge 1901 – 1925

1901 W. Bro. John Bastedo
1902 W. Bro. Malcolm J. Cockburn
1903 W. Bro. O.F. Rice
1904 W. Bro. Thomas McQuillan
1905 W. Bro. James Haywood
1906 W. Bro. E.R. Dransfield
1907 W. Bro. D.G. Sturrock
1908 W. Bro. W. Carleill Hall
1909 W. Bro. J.B. Hutchins
1910 W. Bro. James H. Lumbers
1911 W. Bro. F. Judd Kennedy
1912 W. Bro. George H. Smith
1913 W. Bro. Marshall MacGregor
1914 W. Bro. John M. Millar
1915 W. Bro. John Donogh.
1916 W. Bro. Fred Woodland
1917 W. Bro. J. Charles Baker
1918 W. Bro. E. J. Powell
1919 W. Bro. Norman Sommerville
1920 R.W. Bro. John Wilson
1921 W. Bro Gerald M. Malone
1922 W. Bro. Albert H. Macabe
1923 W. Bro. Fred G. Logan
1924 W. Bro. J. Ardagth Scythes
1925 W. Bro. Oliver A. Hutchison

1901 W. BRO. JOHN BASTEDO, Membership 341. Return visit of Frank R. Lawrence Lodge, Rochester, N.Y. John Bastedo’s top hat is still in use in the election of officers. Lodge of Instruction under auspices of Zetland. Death of Her Majesty Queen Victoria.

1902 W. BRO. MALCOLM J. COCKBURN, Membership 364. M.W. Bro. W. A. Sutherland, Grand Master of Grand Lodge of New York, made honorary member. Foundation stone of Burns Monument in Allen Gardens laid by Craft.

1903 W. BRO. O. F. RICE, Membership 394. Visit of Bro. Rev. John Kerr, Chaplain of the Royal Caledonian Curling Club in Edinburgh, Scotland. Canadian Night function inaugurated. Speakers Bro. Rev. William Clark, D.D., Trinity College, and M.W. Bro. Hon. D.C. Fraser, K.C., M.P., Nova Scotia.

1904 W. BRO. THOMAS McQUILLAN, Membership 419. Appointed Grand Director of Ceremonies. Subscribed to Grand Lodge Semi-Centennial Fund. Exemplified work at Lodge of Instruction. Death of R.W. Bro. H. W. O’Hara, W. Bro. W. M. Angus and Bro. John H. Pritchard, Tyler. Canadian Night speakers were R.W. Bro. Rev. Dr. L. Norman Tucker and R.W. Bro. J. W. St. John.

1905 W. BRO. JAMES HAYWOOD, Membership 441. Elected D.D.G.M. 1908 Grand Master’ Night chairs all filled by Grand Masters and Past Grand Masters. Canadian Night speakers were M.W. Bro. Rev. E. D. McLaren, P.G.M. of Grand Lodge of British Columbia, and Bro. Hon. R. L. Borden afterward Sir Robert Borden, Premier of the Dominion.

1906 W. BRO. E. R. DRANSFIELD, Membership 468. Canadian Night speakers were W. Bro. W. B. Northrup, K.C., M.P., and Bro. Hon. Geo. W. Ross, M.P.P., Premier of Ontario. Bro. Dransfield was Lodge Treasurer, 1935-1947. Appointed Grand Assistant Secretary 1936.

1907 W. BRO. D. G. STURROCK, Membership 505. Appointed Grand Director of Ceremonies. Address presented to Bro. Dr. Walter Currie prior to return to Missionary labours in Africa, Canadian Night speakers were Bro. W. K. George and W. Bro. W. Sanford Evans, of Winnipeg. Presentation and dedication of Union Jack and British Ensign; ceremony performed by M.W. Bro. Rev. E. D. McLaren, P.G.M., British Columbia. Visit of Niagara Frontier Lodge, Niagara Falls, N.Y.

1908 W. BRO. W. CARLEILL HALL, Membership 515. Visit to Niagara Frontier Lodge, Niagara Falls, N.Y. Unveiling of portrait of Duke of Connaught, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of England. Presentation by Bros. J. H. Lumbers and W. G. Reilly of a richly embroidered altar drape, secured while on a visit to Colombo, Ceylon. Canadian Night speakers were Rev. Canon Abbott, of Hamilton, and Col. Sam Hughes, M.P., Lindsay. Visit of the Lodge of Strict Observance, No. 27, Hamilton.

1909 W. BRO. J. B. HUTCHINS, Membership 522. Appointed Grand Organist of Grand Lodge. Visit of Lodge Le Coeurs Unis, of Montreal, also of Niagara Frontier Lodge, Niagara Falls, New York. Canadian Night speakers were Bro. Adam Brown, Hamilton, R.W. Bro. Rt. Rev. J. C. Farthing, Lord Bishop of Montreal. Visit to the Lodge of Strict Observance, Hamilton; the mayors of Toronto and Hamilton in attendance. The first and last attempt of Zetland to issue a Masonic newspaper.

1910 W. BRO. JAMES H. LUMBERS, Membership 542. Death of His Majesty King Edward VII. Canadian Night speakers were W. Bro. J. W. Johnson. M.P., Mayor of Belleville, and W. Bro. J. L Hughes, Public School Inspector, Toronto. Presentation of Banner from Bro. W. E. Wellington. Address to W. Bro. D. G. Sturrock on departure for Calgary.

1911 W. BRO. F. JUDD KENNEDY, Membership 551. Presentation of gold-headed cane to R.W. Bro. Rev. Canon L. Norman Tucker on leaving for London. Visit of The Barton Lodge, No. 6, Hamilton. Decision to join City lodges in erecting Masonic Temple. Canadian Night speakers were Sir James Grant, M.C., K.C.M.G., of Ottawa, and Hon. Mr. Justice W. R. Riddell. Visited Barton Lodge, Hamilton. Grand Lodge presentation to M.W. Bro. D. F. Macwatt, P.G.M.

1912 W. BRO. GEORGE H. SMITH, Membership 573. Elected D.D.G.M. Celebrated Military Night. Initiation of Col. Robert Rennie with M.W. Bro. J. M. Gibson, P.G.M., presiding. Col. Robertson Aikman and the members of the Royal Caledonian Curling Club, of Edinburgh, were present. Visit to Assiniboine Lodge, Winnipeg. Canadian Night speakers were Vice-Provost Llwyd, of Trinity College, and Hon. A. K. MacLean, K.C., M.P., of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

1913 W. BRO. MARSHALL MacGREGOR, Membership 585. Appointed Grand Director of Ceremonies. Canadian Night speakers were R.W. Bro. Hon. W. H. Hearst, Provincial Minister of Lands, etc., and R.W. Bro. Rev. Allan P. Shatford, M.A., Past Grand Chaplain of the Grand Lodges of Nova Scotia and Quebec. R.W. Bro. W. H. Whyte, Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Quebec, was a visitor.

1914 W. BRO. JOHN M. MILLAR, Membership 585. Military Night, M.W. Bro. Sir J. M. Gibson presiding. The candidate was Licut.-Col. R. C. Windeyer. 76 Commissioned and Non-Commissioned Officers, headed by General Sir W. D. Otter, present in uniform. Congratulatory message forwarded to Zetland Lodge, Calgary. Canadian Night speakers were Rt. Rev. David Williams, D.D., Lord Bishop of Huron, and R.W. Bro. Rev. L. Norman Tucker. Death of Senator Robert Jafffay, our first initiate. The great World War against German aggression commenced August 4th.

1915 W. BRO. JOHN DONOGH, Membership 591. Fortieth Anniversary of Zetland celebrated. Address by R.W. Bro. W. R. Young, D.D. Package donation for soldiers at the front. Canadian Night speakers were Bro. Hon. Me. Justice Riddell, of the Supreme Court of Ontario, and Bro. D. M. McIntyre, K.C. Distinguished visitors present were M.W. Bro. S. A. Luke, Grand Master, Sir John Hendrie, Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario, Sir James Grant, Ottawa, and M.W. Bro. Dr. Goggin, P.G.M. Manitoba. Death of Bro. Rev. G. R. Fasken, the Lodge Chaplain.

1916 W. BRO. FRED. WOODLAND, Membership 586. Zetland Choir held Patriotic Concert at Lindsay, the proceeds for recruiting purposes of Regiment from Victoria County. Donation to Soldiers Hospital. Canadian Night speakers were R.E. Bro. Hon. Rev. Donald MacOdrum, B.A. of Pembroke, Ontario. The words of the musical ritual presented by Bro. Thomas H. Litster of Zetland. First Zetland war casualty, Bro. Lieut. A. G. Millar.

1917 W. BRO J. CHARLES BAKER, Membership 590. Visit of M.W. Bro. Thomas Penney, Grand Master of New York State, and his officers, who were welcomed by Grand Master S.A. Luke. Other speakers were Hon. Mr. Justice Riddell and Rev. Dr. J. A. MacDonald, Editor Toronto Globe. Donation to Ontario Military Hospital, Orpington, England. Canadian Night speakers were Rev. Canon. H. J. Cody, D.D., Toronto, and Rev. Charles A. Eaton, D.D., New York.

1918 W. BRO. E. J. POWELL, Membership 594. Great World War ended November 11th. Honor Roll of Lodge Members taking part in the war numbered 57, of whom six were either killed in action or died from the effects of the war, viz; Lieut. N. C. Bilton, Capt. Verne Johnson, Lieut. A. G. Millar, Major F. R. Spence, Capt. C. F. Trees and Lieut. W. J. Watts. In December the Lodge met for the last time in the Temple Building on Bay Street. Death of M.W. Bro. John Ross Robertson, G.M. Canadian Night speakers were R.W. Bro. Canon L. Norman Tucker and Rev. John MacNeill. Visit of M.W. Bro. W. H. Wardrope, Grand Master. Distinguished visitors at December meeting were Sir John S. Hendrie Whitman, Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario; Hon. Albert Whitman, Governor of the State of New York, and Hon. James M. Cox, Governor of the State of Ohio.

1919 W. BRO. NORMAN SOMMERVILLE, Membership 602. Celebrated Robbie Burns Birthday Anniversary. Distinguished guests were the Hon. Mr. Justice R. F. Sutherland, of the Supreme Court of Ontario; Bro. H. Y. Bradden, Australian High Commissioner, and Bro. Harry Lauder (now Sir Harry Lauder), Scotch vocalist. Collection in aid of Salvation Army, $486. Dedication of the new Masonic Temple, Yonge and Davenport Road. Visited Barton Lodge, Hamilton. Canadian Night speakers were Sir Robert Falconer, K.C.M.G., President of the University of Toronto; R.W. Bro. Rev. Canon P. Shatford, Montreal, and W. Bro. Gen. Sir Arthur Currie, K.C.B., G.C.M.G., Canadian Corps Commander in France and Belgium in the Great War, 1914-1918. Election as Honorary Members of Sir Arthur Currie and Rev. Canon A. P. Shatford.

1920 R.W. BRO. JOHN WILSON, Membership 621. P.D.D.G.M. of Ottawa District. Visit to Fidelity Lodge, Ottawa. Memorial Services for Brethren who fell in Great War. Canadian Night speakers were Bro. Rev. George Adam, Montreal, and Hon. E. C. Drury, Premier of Ontario.

1921 W. BRO. GERALD M. MALONE, M.C. Membership 645. Appointed Assistant Grand Secretary 1924. Visit to The Barton Lodge, Hamilton. Visit of Assiniboine Lodge, No. 114, Winnipeg, who presented a silver shield to the Lodge. Visit of R.W. Bro. Rev. A. H. Denoon, Past Grand Chaplain of the Province of Saskatchewan. Canadian Night speakers were Hon. Senator Gideon Robertson and Hon. N. W. Rowell, K.C., M.P., President of Dominion Privy Council, and now Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Ontario.

1922 W. BRO. ALBERT H. MACABE, Membership 646. Visit of Fidelity Lodge, Ottawa, and their presentation to Zetland of a set of Fellow-Craft working tools made from one of the dismantled oak doors of the
Parliament Buildings at Ottawa. Canadian Night speakers were Hon. Arthur Meighen, K.C., P.C., Ex-Premier of the Dominion, and A. Monro Grier, K.C.

1923 W. BRO. FRED G. LOGAN, Membership 660. Death of Bro. Rev. J. A. Turnbull, D.D., Lodge Chaplain, and of the Lodge Secretary, V.W. Bro. J. H. Landreth. Visit to The Barton Lodge, Hamilton. Presentation to V.W. Bro. J. H. Macabe on retiring from office of Secretary. Contributed to Northern Ontario Fire Relief Fund. Canadian Night speakers were Sir Edmund Walker, C.V.O., LL.D., President of Canadian Bank of Commerce, and Sir Henry Thornton, K.B.E., President Canadian National Railways. Bro. Logan was Lodge Secretary, 1925-1934.

1924 W. BRO. J. ARDAGTH SCYTHES, Membership 671, Death of Bro. Wm. Dobie, who bequeathed the Lodge $1,000.00 which was allotted to charitable purposes. During the year the W.M. and two of his brothers were the ruling Masters respectively of three Toronto Masonic Lodges. Visit of The Barton Lodge, Hamilton. Big Stores Night, participated in by members of Craft in the following stores: T. Eaton Co., Robert Simpson Co., Woolworth Co., Adams Furniture Co. and W.A. Murray Co. Canadian Night speakers were Sir John Willison, Kt., LL.D., and Rev. H. P. Whidden, B.A., D.D., LL.D., Chancellor of McMaster University.

1925 W. BRO. OLIVER A. HUTCHISON, Membership 664. On March 27 the Lodge celebrated its Fiftieth Anniversary. The chairs were occupied by Past Masters of the Lodge, M.W. Bro. E. T. Malone presiding. The Director of Ceremonies, R.W. Bro. H. A. Taylor, introduced the four surviving charter members, R.W. Bro. J. B. Nixon, W. Bro. John F. Ellis, Bro James Muir and Bro. James Whimster. These worthy veterans received a most enthusiastic welcome from their brethren. Rev. Harry Sandfield Dodgson, son of Bro. J. Harry Dodgson, was initiated on this occasion. At the banquet following E. W. Beatty, K.C., President of the Canadian Pacific Railway, proposed the toast to “Canada”, which was responded to by R.W. Bro. Hon. John S. Martin, Minister of Agriculture for Ontario, who subsequently became Grand Master. Canadian Night speakers were Bro. Hon. Martin Burrell, Librarian of the House of Commons, Ottawa, and M.W. Bro. Rev. Canon Allan P. Shatford, M.A., D.C.L., O.B.E., of Montreal