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1926 W. BRO. FRANK G. McLEAN, Membership 662. A Father and Son Night was held at the February meeting, when fourteen sons of members occupied the chairs and performed their duties admirably.  Canadian Night speakers were W. Bro. Rev. Thomas Eakin, Ph.D., D.D., Principal of Knox College, and Bro. rd. Hon. George P. Graham, P.C., Chairman of the Advisory Board on Tariff and Taxation, Canada.

1927 W. BRO. A. G. PARKER, Membership 662. At the March meeting the Lodge celebrated the Masonic semi-centennial of M.W. Bro. E.T. Malone, a devoted member of the Craft in general and of Zetland Lodge in particular, who was initiated on March 23rd, 1877. He was elected Grand Master in 1898 and served in that high office until 1900. He became Treasurer of Zetland Lodge in 1895 and faithfully discharged the duties of that office until compelled by ill- health to relinquish it in 1934. He also served as Treasurer of the Grand Lodge since 1901, and had the distinction of being Honorary Senior Warden of the Grand Lodge of Ireland. At this celebration many of Canada s leading citizens, including Hon. W. D. Ross, Lieutenant-Governor Judges of the Supreme Court, were in attendance. Also present on this occasion was R.W. Bro. J. B. Nixon, who initiated Bro. Malone into the Lodge in 1877. Canadian Night speakers were Hon. G. Howard Ferguson, Premier of Ontario and Hon. Hugh Guthrie, M.P., Leader of the Opposition in the House of Commons, Ottawa. The Office of Grand Steward was conferred upon W. Bro. Fred G. Logan.

1928 W. BRO. JAMES GILCHRIST, Membership 667. At the February meeting Bro. Rev. Stuart Parker, M.A., D.D., Minister of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Toronto, gave an address on Scottish Life and Character. During the year the Barton Lodge of Hamilton paid Zetland a fraternal visit and exemplified the degree work. Canadian Night speakers were Rev. John MacNiell, D.D., Minister of Walmer Road Baptist Church, Toronto, and Sir James A. M. Aikins, former Lieutenant-Governor of Manitoba.

1929 W. BRO. JOHN C. GREIG, Membership 672. Lodge Secretary, 1942-1954. Appointed Grand Steward in 1949. During the year the Lodge was active in soliciting subscriptions to the Memorial Benevolent Fund inaugurated by M.W. Bro. John S. Martin, Grand Master. Canadian Night speakers were Bro. Rev. W. H. Sedgwick, D.D., Minister of Metropolitan United Church, Toronto, and Hon. Charles McCrea, Minister of Mines for Ontario.

1930 W. BRO. FRED. J. BULLER, Membership 656. Subscriptions totaling $3,500.00 towards the Memorial Benevolent Fund were reported. At the October meeting the chairs were occupied by members of the staff of The T. Eaton Company, Limited, who initiated two of their business associates, and many brethren  connected with the Company attended. Canadian Night speakers were Rev. J. R. P. Sclater, D.D., Minister of Old St. Andrew s United Church, Toronto, and Hon. Rev. H. J. Cody, D.D., Rector of St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Toronto, and Minister of Education for Ontario.

1931 W. BRO. HORACE C. CROW, Membership 636. At the October meeting the Golden Jubilee Medal was presented to M.W. Bro. E. T. Malone, who had, in 1927, completed fifty years membership. Canadian Night speakers were Bro. Rev. Stuart Parker, Minister of St. Andrew’ s Presbyterian Church, Toronto, and M.W. Bro. Rev. Canon Allan P. Shatford, Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Quebec.

1932 W. BRO. HARRY J. H. DEEDMAN, Membership 603. Lodge Treasurer, 1948-1955. Appointed Grand Steward, 1938. In March the Lodge suffered a grievous loss by the death of V.W. Bro. John H. Macabe, a much-beloved brother, who was its Master in 1897 and served most efficiently as Secretary for twenty-one years (1902-1923). Canadian Night speakers were Bro. Lt.-Col. George A. Drew and Rev. R. B. McElheran, D.D., Principal of Wycliffe College, Toronto.

1933 W. BRO. CHARLES J. HARVEY, Membership 569. At the January meeting the Lodge was honoured by a visit from the Marquess of Zetland, Provincial Grand Master of North and East Yorkshire, England, and Past District Master of Bengal, India, accompanied by Bro. Lt.-Col. Hon. Herbert A. Bruce, Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario, and V.W. Bro. Hon. George S. Henry, Premier of Ontario. The Marquess addressed the brethren and was presented with honorary membership in Zetland Lodge in recognition of the distinctive service he had rendered to the Craft and to the British Empire. Canadian Night speakers were Bro. Harry Sifton, President of the Canadian Club, and Rev. G. Stanley Russell, Minster of Deer Park United Church, Toronto.
R.W. Bro. Frank G. McLean, a Past Master of the Lodge, was elected District Deputy Grand Master at the July session of Grand Lodge.


The 32nd. Annual Canadian Night

Zetland Lodge, A.F. & A.M., No. 326 has a long series of successful functions in its history of noted events, but none more so than the celebration of the 32nd annual Canadian Night at the Yonge Street Masonic Temple. It was the occasion of the first official visit of M.W. Bro. Frank A. Copus, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Canada, accompanied by M. W. Bro. John A. Rowland, M. W. Bro. R.B. Dargavel, Past Grand Masters, and by a large number of Past and Present Grand Lodge dignitaries, including the District Grand Masters of the four Toronto districts. The total attendance being about 500. With flowers and ferns as a background for the Masonic regalia of the blue and gold, last night s meeting was second to none in point of decoration and perfection of the conferring of the degree, under W. Bro. Chas J. Harvey, whose first pleasure after the routine of the evening was to welcome the Grand Master in ancient manner. The reception was acknowledged by the executive head of the Masonic craft in short and appropriate terms. In the banquet hall flowers and foliage, flags and ferns banked the stages where the Governor General’ s Body Guard Band, under Bandmaster S. White, played during the evening. W. Bro. Chas. Harvey, as toastmaster, gave the toast, His Majesty the King, after which the toast “to the candidate” was proposed by W. Bro. John Rennie and replied to by Bro. John T. Agget, Jr.

From the Toronto Telegram September 23 1933

1934 W. BRO. RUSSELL N. McCORMICK, Membership 549. The ceremony of Installation and Investiture was conducted by R.W. Bro George H. Smith. At the March meeting V.W. Bro. Thomas McQuillan presided as Master, the occasion being the fortieth anniversary of his membership in Zetland, and R.W. Bro. Bro. J . B. Nixon, a member for fifty-nine years, addressed the brethren. Canadian Night speakers were Rev. George A. Dickson, D.D., Minister of Metropolitan United Church, Toronto, and Bro. Right Rev.
R. J. Renison, D.D., Rector of St. Paul s Anglican Church, Toronto. The original charter of Zetland Lodge (dated May 17th, 1847) granted by the earl of Zetland, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of England, came into possession of the Lodge at this time and now occupies a page of our minute book (September 28th, 1934). It is interesting to note the names of the brethren to whom the charter was granted (some of them commemorated by well-known Toronto thoroughfares): Henry Sullivan, Robert Baldwin Sullivan, Henry Croft, Christopher Widmer, L. Moffatt, John Macara, J. Shuter Smith and Robert P. Crooks. The Lodge became dormant in 1851 because of non-attendance and lack of interest on the part of the members. On October 9th, the Lodge sustained a great loss in the passing of M.W. Bro. Elias Talbot Malone, who was initiated in 1877 and until his death took a keen interest in the affairs of the Lodge, rarely missing a meeting. He was Grand Master 1898-1900, Grand Treasurer 1901 -1933, and Treasurer of Zetland Lodge 1896- 1934. He had officiated as Installing Master for forty-eight consecutive years (a record of which he was justly proud). No task was too trivial and none too great for M.W. Bro. Malone to devote to it all the powers of his fine mind. Of him it may be said with certainty that Freemasonry was the inspiration of his youth, the joy and passion of his manhood, and the solace of his riper years. His brethren hold him in affectionate, proud and grateful memory.

1935 W. BRO. HARRY M. MILLAR, Membership 539. The ceremony of Installation and Investiture was conducted by V.W. Bro. John M. Millar. At the March meeting the Lodge celebrated its Diamond Jubilee. On this occasion there were present two of the original charter members, R.W. Bro. J.B. Nixon and Bro. James Whimster, the only survivors at this date. Many Grand Lodge Officers, past and present, were in attendance. Canadian Night speakers were Mr. Duncan McArthur, M.A., LL.D., Deputy Minster of Education for Ontario, and Mr. B. K. Sandwell, B.A., F.R.S.C., editor of Saturday Night.

1936 W. BRO. WILLARD D. HENDRY, Membership 515. The ceremony of Installation and Investiture was conducted by R.W. Bro. John Wilson. In May the Lodge sustained the loss by death of two of its most active members, V.W. Bro. Thomas McQuillan as Master, and Bro. Bethel. Both had rendered great service to the Lodge, V.W. Bro McQuillan as Master, and Bro. Bethel as chairman for many years of the Entertainment Committee. Bro. Bethel bequeathed a handsome sum to the Lodge, for the benevolent purposes. Canadian Night speakers were Rev. David A. MacLennan, B.A., B.D., Minister of Timothy Eaton Memorial Church, Toronto, and Bro. Rev. Beverly Ketchen, M.A., D.D., Minister of McNab Street Presbyterian Church, Hamilton. Grand Lodge appointed W. Bro. E. R. Dransfield Grand Assistant Secretary.

1937 W. BRO. GORDON CAMPBELL, Membership 473. Installing Master – R.W. Bro. John Wilson. No. of degrees – 12 including 3 initiations. W.M s son, Bro. F. W. Donald Campbell, initiated by him on Zetland s 36lh Annual Canadian Night, which was attended by the Grand Master, M.W. Bro. W. J. Dunlop. Many cases of financial assistance rendered to members and families of deceased members. Toronto Masonic Employment Bureau organized and Zetland Lodge committed to contribute annually to the task of finding employment for Masonic brethren.

1938 W. BRO. COURTLAND H. PEAKER, Membership 446. Installing Master – V.W. Bro. John M. Millar. No. of degrees- 4 including 3 initiations, Canadian Night attended by His Honour Bro. Albert Matthews, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, and Mayor of Toronto, Ralph C. Day. Zetland s financial assistance continued as above. In 1963 a bequest of $5,000.00 under the wills of the late W. Bro. Peaker and Mrs. Peaker was received to be used for the Lodge s Christmas Charities. Christmas Luncheons originated by W. Bro. R. N. McCormick have been continued each year to date.

1939 W. BRO. HARRY F. VIGEON, Membership 425. Installing Master – V.W. Bro. H. J. H. Deedman. No. of degrees- 6 including 1 initiation. First Charitable donations made to Infants Home and Fred Victor Mission. Zetland Choir very active in degree work. Appointed Grand Junior Deacon in 1945 and for many years Auditor of Zetland Lodge and Grand Lodge.

1940 W. BRO. ROWLAND V. MILLAR, Membership 405. Installing Master – V.W. Bro. John M. Millar. No. of degrees – 9 including 4 initiations. Visit by the Grand Master, M.W. Bro. R. B. Dargavel who spoke on celebration of installation of United Grand Lodge of England. Tribute by Lodge on death of Lord Tweedsmuir, Governor General of Canada.

1941 W. BRO. H. VERNON HEARST, Membership 378. Installing Master – R.W. Bro. Frank G. McLean. No. of m degrees – 6 including 1 initiation. Benevolent and Charitable grants continued and funds raised for British War Relief Fund. Death of Master’s father, Sir William Howard Hearst, former Premier of Ontario. Treasurer of Zetland Lodge, 1956-1966 and appointed Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies in 1962.

1942 W. BRO. NOEL M. BASSIN, Membership 365. Installing Master- V.W. Bro. H. J. H. Deedman. No. of degrees- 10 including 4 initiations. Extensive Benevolent and British War Relief donations. Schedule of Lodge fees reduced because of wartime. Canadian Night attended by 50 Present and Past Grand Lodge Officers including the Grand Master, M.W. Bro. John A. McRae of Kingston. Appointed Grand Steward in 1950.

1943 W. BRO. NORMAN S. CAUDWELL, Membership 357. Installing Master – W. Bro. William H. Hedges. No. of degrees- 15 including 5 initiations Testimonial presentation on Canadian Night made to Bro. Thomas H. Litster by the Grand Master, M.W. Bro. T.C. Wardley, for composing the words of the odes used in the Musical Ritual. Affiliation of the late W. Bro F. Vernon Massey who was for many years chairman of the Sick Committee and instituted annual Past Masters dinner.

1944 W. BRO. ROY E. BAYLIS, Membership 358. Installing Master – W. Bro. John C. Grieg. No. of degrees – 21 including 6 initiations. A very active Masonic year under a most capable Master. Several fraternal visits with other Lodges. First examiners’ Night of Grand Lodge Jubilee Medal to Bro. Fred A. Turner, Dean of the Old Timers, having been initiated in 1879. V. W. Bro. William H. Hedges appointed Grand Steward. R.W. Bro. Baylis elected D.D. G. M. Toronto District C in 1950. Current President of Masonic Temple Corporation.

1945 W. BRO. MAXWELL C. PURVIS, Membership 348. Installing Master- W. Bro. John C. Greig. No. of degrees- 14 including 6 initiations. Lodge Secretary, W. Bro. John C. Greig, appointed a life member. Charitable donations increased including gift to Hospital for Sick Children Building Fund. Memorial service held for the late Bro. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, President of the United States who died on April 12th 1945. V.W. Bro. Harry Frank Vigeon appointed Grand Junior Deacon and invested by the Grand Master, M.W. Bro. Charles S. Hamilton. W.M. initiated his son, Bro. Gordon I. Purvis, on Canadian Night. Second World War ends.

1946 W. BRO. JAMES ELLIOTT, Membership 342. Installing Master – V.W. Bro. William H. Hedges. No. of degrees – 38 including 12 initiations. Presentation to Lodge by V.W. Bro. E. R. Dransfield of Inner Guard’s sword. Successful Ladies Night held in Lodge and Banquet Rooms. In 1952 gift of $1,500.00 made to Lodge Benevolent Fund from Estate of late W. Bro. James Elliott.

1947 W. BRO. CLARENCE H. TEW, Membership 340. Installing Master- W. Bro. John. C. Greig. No. of degrees- 21 including 8 initiations. Food Parcels for Britain campaign organized by Grand Lodge with objective of 600 parcels per month or $55,000.00 from 571 Lodges in Ontario. Renewal of visits with The Barton Lodge No. 6, Hamilton, after a lapse of 19 years, last visit being held in 1928. W.M.’s brother, Bro. John M. Tew, son of Bro. Douglas S. Tew, initiated on Canadian Night. Present Treasurer of Lodge.

1948 W. BRO. LEIGHTON S. WALKER, Membership 335. Installing Master – V.W. Bro. H. J. H. Deedman. Food Parcels for Britain continue and are increased to 1200 parcels per month. Numerous Masonic Visits to and from neighboring District Lodges. Presentation made to V.W. Bro. E. R. Dransfield, Zetland’s oldest living Past Master. Appointed District Secretary in 1950 and Grand Pursuivant in 1951.

1949 W. BRO. C. WESLEY TRELEAVEN, Membership 336. Installing Master- W. Bro. Norman S. Caudwell. No. of degrees – 20 including 8 initiations. Lodge Secretary, V.W. Bro. John C. Greig, appointed Grand Steward. Another successful year in the life of Zetland under the capable guidance of a very popular and conscientious Master.

1950 W. BRO. PERCY E. WOOTTON, Membership 338. Installing Master- W. Bro. Roy. E. Baylis. No. of degrees- 38 including 14 initiations. Celebration of Zetland s 75th Anniversary Year. Presentation to Bro. John Rennie by the Grand Master, M.W. Bro. R. B. Dargavel of The William Mercer Wilson Medal for meritorious service to the Craft. R. W. Bro. Roy E. Baylis elected D.D.G.M., Toronto District C. Grand Lodge appointments- V.W. Bro. Noel M. Bassin, Grand Steward, and V.W. Bro. A. C. Ashforth, Grand Director of Ceremonies. V.W. Bro. Wootton was elected Lodge Secretary in 1954, and appointed Assistant
Grand Secretary in 1966. In addition to proving himself a most capable Secretary, Bro. Wootton has been solely responsible for increasing the holdings of Zetland Lodge in shares of the Masonic Temple Corporation Limited from 390 shares in 1937 to 1517 shares in . Elected Honorary Member of Batavia Lodge, New York, on November 9lh, 1974.