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Harmony Lodge No. 438

Harmony Lodge No. 438, warranted in 1896

History of Harmony Lodge

The History of the Organization of Harmony Lodge #438 A.F.& A.M . G.R.C. Compiled by R.W. Bro J.B. Nixon In the year 1875, R.W.Bro. J.K . Kerr , Acting Grand Master, granted his dispensation to open a lodge in the City of London, to be called Eden Lodge, and on May 19th , the first meeting was held under the authority …

Past Masters of Harmony Lodge

Past Masters: 1896–7 R.W.  Bro. Geo. C. Patterson 1898 W. Bro. Warring Kennedy 1899 W. Bro. John C. Gardner 1900 R.W. Bro. W.H. Shaw 1901 V.W. Bro. E.C. Davies 1902 W. Bro. Thos. McQueen 1903 V.W. Bro. L.K. Cameron 1904 W. Bro. Jas. R. Code 1905 W. Bro. A.L.E. Davies 1906 W. Bro. A.M. Kennedy 1907 …